The Best Guitar for Beginners Guide

Man-Playing-Electric-GuitarEvery great guitarist started their musical journey with some type of beginner guitar. For some it was their parent’s or older sibling’s guitar.  For others it was one they bought at a pawn shop.  For Jimi Hendrix it was a five-dollar, second-hand acoustic guitar.

When you’re a new musician, your first guitar (or axe as it’s called) is a make-it-or-break-it situation.  Choose a great instrument and you’ll have a much easier time learning how to play and performing in front of others.  Choose poorly and you may find yourself with a much more challenging and frustrating task at hand.

That’s exactly what is all about.  I want to cut through all the confusion and help you find the best guitar for beginners.  I think it is absolutely critical that you start out playing an instrument that you love and have fond memories of “my first guitar”.  That way you can focus your attention on the music and give yourself an easier time taking your guitar playing skills to the next level.

My Recommendations for the Best Guitar for Beginners:

Unfortunately picking a great starter guitar can be a tricky process.  There are a lot of different things to consider.  Even though a guitar might look cool or have a reasonable price, how do you know it will play well or sound good?

Here are my recommendations for the best guitars for beginners that I have personally played and fell in love with.  And the best part is: The last time I checked they all cost under $400!  How does that work for your budget?

Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Electric Guitar Bundle:

Price: $squier-affinity-strat-bundle1

What’s not to love here?

First of all, this package is a bundle set.  That means it comes with literally everything you need to get started.

You’re not only buying a great looking Fender Strat-like electric guitar, but you’re also getting a practice amplifier, cords, a strap, gig bag for protecting your new guitar, tuner, instructional DVD, and some picks.

No need to worry about the quality of the guitar for the price.  The Squier line of guitars is owned by Fender, one of the most respectable names in electric guitars available.  Though the Squier instruments cater more to their introductory customers, the brand has developed into a line-up of respectable and affordable instruments.

If you’re new to playing the guitar, this is truly one of the best guitar for beginners packages available for the money.


The Epiphone PR-4E Acoustic Guitar Bundle:

Price: $
If you’d love to start performing acoustic guitar live right away, then this is the perfect starter guitar package for you.

This package includes an acoustic-electric guitar, a 15-watt amp, gig-bag, strap, cables, a tuner, picks, and an instructional DVD.

The guitar itself is a handsome cut-away with a Mahogany body supported by X-bracing, Spruce top, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard and Chrome hardware. It also has a passive piezo pickup with volume control.

Unlike other value priced acoustic guitars, you’ll notice the action on this one is remarkably set.  You won’t notice any tinny sound or buzzing.  It’s another testament to the craftsmanship of Epiphone instruments.

Similar to the Taylor Big Baby, you’ll also notice the size is more comfortable than a traditional-sized dreadnought guitar body.


The Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar:

Price: $epiphone-les-paul-special-guitar

How would you like your first guitar to capture the attitude of rock legends like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Slash of Guns ‘n Roses, or Joe Perry of Aerosmith?

That’s exactly what the Epiphone Les Paul Special II does for you.  It puts the look and feel of a real Gibson Les Paul in your hands for about one-fifth of the more expensive axe!

The thing I absolutely like about this guitar (other than its great vintage look) is that fact that even though it is meant to be a good beginner guitar, there is no compromise in Gibson quality.  This totally evident in the 700T Humbucker pickups.  Normally you can easily spot a cheap guitar with bad pickups because they sound muddy and have no character.  That’s not the case with the LP Special II.  These ones sound pretty darn good.  They are nice and bright with a solid tight bottom end.


The Cordoba C5 Classical Acoustic Guitar:

Price: $$Cordoba-C5-Profile-e1397264147915

If you prefer the soft, sharp sound of nylon strings, then look no further than Cordoba to find a great starter classical guitar.  Cordoba is known for making many levels of quality exotic acoustic guitars.

The Cordoba C5 is the perfect model to start with.  It is constructed using a solid Canadian cedar top with mahogany back and sides.  The playability of this model is above any other guitar in its class.  Your fingers will easily roll off chords and trills.

Though it is a full size classical guitar body, you’ll notice that is surprisingly lightweight.

This guitar also comes with a gig-bag for travel protection.

Check out more on the Cordoba C5 classical guitar here.


Guitar Accessories

Planet Waves Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks, 10 pack, Medium


Planet Waves Standard Guitar Picks–Right for Any HandWhen it comes to playing a guitar, nothing but the best will do. That’s why Planet Waves Medium Standard Guitar Picks are the right choice. They are the right tool for the job, which is producing awesome music. Stylish in pearlized colors, these medium guitar picks are the most popular picks out there today. Not too thin and not too heavy, they are just right for every guitar-playing style.Attractive, stylish, beautiful sound.The Right Fit No Matter the AgeIt does not matter if this pick will be used by someone who is six-years old or sixty-years old, the Planet Waves Standard guitar pick will be just what the doctor ordered.

  • Premium quality celluloid provides natural feel and warm, fat tone
  • Medium gauge (70mm) works well for both strumming and articulate picking
  • Standard shape for comfortable playing
  • 10 picks per package
  • Planet Waves pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact


 ChordBuddy – Guitar Learning System

This is a great product and it works just as advertized. Two things that you should note if you are buying is that you do have to press the buttons quite hard to make it work properly and it also moves around a bit on the guitar and needs periodical adjustments to keep the tabs in place.

I have small hands and crooked pinky fingers that appear to be double jointed and bend backward when any pressure is placed on them so it is almost impossible for me to use them to form chords. This product has helped me do something that would have almost been physically impossible for me to do! The only thing that does not live up to expectations is me. I expected to be a rock star over night and that is just not going to happen with this product you have to work hard on strumming and timing and it is a lot harder to sing and play at the same time than it looks! All in all I highly recommend this product.

***A note to people who say it is cheating I would agree but so is using a crutch to walk but if you need one to get around they are fantastic!


String Swing CC01K Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

String Swing CC01K Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

I bought two of these for my guitars and they look great up on the wall i had no problems what so ever with these products the shipping was great right on time the packaging was phenomenal, and the item is exactly as is described and pictured, i bought a total of 5 things all from this company and not only where they packaged all together in a box they were like plastic wrapped shrink wrapped if you will say together all in a nice get everything you need to install the products with and they are super easy to install these hangers are super sturdy i put them to an ultimate test with allot of weight and still stayed up without any problem what so ever, best thing to do is find a stud and screw it straight into there, that would be the best option for the best reinsurance that your guitars will be safe they have locking screw you can use if you can’t find a stud i think those will do just fine for an acoustic guitar or not something super heavy.i hope this helps.


 Musician’s Gear Tubular Guitar Stand Black

I have 7 of these in my house and I trust them all with my guitars (two Fenders, a Gretsch, a Martin, a Gibson and some Epiphones).

They are solidly built and extremely easy to set up. All one needs to do is extended the tripod legs, plug in the top half of the neck and screw it in so that it stays locked in. This feature is great if you have a bass and need more length for the instrument.

Some people have complained about the foam not being safe for a nitrocellulose finish. I’ve no idea if that’s the case. Nitrocellulose is typically found on more expensive guitars (I don’t even think Gibson and Fender use it much nowadays, except perhaps in their custom shop models, but if you can pay $3,000 to $5,000 for a guitar, would you use an $8 stand for them?) If you’re worried about this, I suppose you should skip the stand, or replace the foam with some terrycloth or felt.

Additionally, some people have complained about the welds failing on this stand. As far as I know, the only “weld” is at the bottom, on the “skirt” where the legs lock into place. Unless you abuse the stand, I simply don’t see that piece failing.

All in all this is a great stand. Once I move into my new house, I will upload some pictures of the guitars on them.


Ernie Ball 4114 Musician’s Tool Kit

The Ernie Ball Musician’s Tool Kit contains everything you need for care of your instrument in a convenient, durable, zip-up carrying case. It also gives you what you need for string changes minor adjustments and set-ups! Microfiber Polish Cloth – 14″x14″ black cloth Wonder Wipes – One of each; String Cleaner, Body Polish, Fretboard Conditioner Heavy Duty String Cutter – Durable cutters with a comfy grip Peg Winder – Standard EB peg winder 6-in-1 Screwdriver – Double sided flat head bit (#1 & #2), Double sided Phillips head bit (#1 & #2), Double sided nut driver (3/16″ & 1/4″) Ruler – 6″ Stainless Steel Hex wrench set – 10 wrenches; 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 0.05″, 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 7/64″, 1/8″, 3/16″


Fender Accessories 099-0502-000 Guitar Tools

  • A soft pad with secured neck support cup holds a guitar at the proper angle for maintenance and adjustment.
  • The neck support cup doubles as a storage compartment.
  • The work station rolls up for easy storage in the provided tube.
  • Fits all acoustic and solid body guitars.